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Wir waren dabei am World Summit on Ethics & Leadership in Sports

Der zweite Weltkongress in Ethik und Leadership im Sport fand am 16. September 2016 im FIFA Hauptquartier in Zürich statt. Die illustre, von bekannten Persönlichkeiten geprägte Teilnehmerschaft wurde durch eine kleine Gruppe aus der K&S Zürich erweitert.

Dieses Mal ging es um "Sports meets Business"

Preserving the beauty of Sports and leveraging its full potential for society!

Sports exemplifies how various stakeholder groups are directly impacted by the corporate culture (strategy, team spirit), the individual performance (skills and behavior) and the wider corporate context (leadership, legal framework, CSR, media) to reach the organisational business goals (win the game).
- Sports transcends cultures, nations and beliefs and connect people, based on a common set of values.
- Sports triggers emotions and has the power to move masses in a short period of time, facilitating opinion building and imitation.
- Sports shows in real time challenges in the value creation chain.

The 2nd World Summit on Ethics and Leadership in Sports (WSELS) aims to define the role of sports in solving societal problems and to celebrate best practice examples of ethical sportsmanship. The summit will elaborate on what business and politics can learn from sports, showcase leadership and teambuilding learnings in the sports arena and assess and address current opportunities and challenges in sports ethics. This multi-stakeholder summit will feature a mix of keynote addresses and discussions as well as breakout sessions to enrich participants’ overall knowledge and experience and propose a substantial agenda for action.

The World Summit on Ethics and Leadership in Sports is an initiative of The World Forum for Ethics in Business, a registered public interest foundation with the aim to pursue and establish the indispensable ethical foundations of business in a globalised world.

Die Veranstaltung wurde vollumfänglich in Englisch abgehalten, was von unseren Schüler/-innen sehr viel abverlangte. Am Schluss waren alle K&S Teilnehmenden glücklich, zufrieden, voll mit Infos und müde.